Complete Inventory List of Online Courses at SFASU

List of Online and Hybrid Courses

Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Summer II 2013
Summer I 2013

The links above open a document in PDF (Portable Document Format) that includes a list of all courses which have been offered online or approved for online delivery at SFASU during the timeframe of Spring 2008 through Summer 2013. Please note that an "online" course may have up to 3 campus visits per term. Check with the department offering the course to confirm.

To see if a course is offered in a particular semester, consult the SFA Course Schedule in mySFA each semester or consult the department that offers the course. For details about a course, consult the professor of the course and/or visit the SFA Course Information page.​ Online sections have a section number in the 500 - 599 range. Sections in the 580 - 589 range are reserved for non-resident students living out of State.

High School Students,

Stephen F. Austin State University's Concurrent and Dual Credit Enrollment Program is an ideal way for bright, young high school and home school students to earn college credit. This program is a distinctive opportunity for students to experience the challenge of a full four-year institution's curriculum close to home. Not only is there an opportunity to earn both college and high school credit, but these two things can be done at a fraction of the cost.

​ Some courses that may be used for Dual Credit are offered online. Dual Credit Information